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About Us


Lizard Labs Software is a developer and provider of professional system utilities and software for Microsoft Windows. With products such as Log Parser Lizard, Lizard Labs Software is enhancing the way individuals and businesses research, organize and securely store business information. At Lizard Labs Software, we are fortunate enough to work with many important companies to help them with their professional system utilities needs. For more information on Lizard Labs Software and their software product offerings, visit


We are constantly looking for partners for software distribution or other business development opportunities related to our products and software for Microsoft Windows. Our main goal is to establish long partnerships with our clients, so if you have any business proposals, please contact us.


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We specialize in the development of custom software solutions and professional system utilities. All products may be customized depending on the needs of your business. For more information please contact us. 


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    We provide support via email for our customers, and do our best to respond to every email within just a few hours. We also provide limited support during weekends and holidays. We don't have phone support. We limit our support to online communication because we can offer better support, more innovation, and lower prices.

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We place customers at the heart of everything we do. You can join them too!




Check out our best selling software:


Log Parser Lizard

View and analyze your Log Files


This FREE Log Parser GUI for Microsoft Log Parser 2.2 is a versatile tool that provides quick access to log files, XML files, CSV files, as well as data sources on the Microsoft Windows operating system. Now, businesses running Log Parser can use this query software to find exactly what they need exactly when they need it.


By trying Log Parser Lizard for free, You will see first-hand how easy it is to find needed information in your log files, XML files and CSV files. You'll no longer have to use an unintuitive interface to search, and your queries are stored for future use.