Event Log Observer

The ultimate tool for exploring and analyzing Windows event logs. Are you tired of using the outdated and clunky user interface from the Win 2000 era? Upgrade to our modern and user-friendly GUI, and take your log analysis to the next level.


With Event Log Observer, you can quickly find and analyze security warnings, problems, and other events within the Microsoft Windows operating system. Our powerful software tool lets you query Windows event logs directly without importing them into an external system. Plus, with the ability to use SQL, the most popular data query language, you can easily find the information you need. If that's not enough, With the advanced SQLite query syntax, you can efficiently perform complex queries and extract the data you need.


But that's not all. Event Log Observer also supports reading text-based logs, W3C server logs, log4j, XML, JSON, CSV/TSV files and more, making it a versatile tool for all your log analysis needs. And the best part? It's free for non-commercial use. Don't settle for the old and outdated, download Event Log Observer today and experience the power of advanced log analysis.


Are you tired of using the outdated and clunky user interface for exploring Windows event logs? With Event Log Observer you have the flexibility and power to extract the data you need with SQLite query syntax and take your log analysis to the next level.



Event Log Viewer



Don't just take our word for it, try Event Log Observer for yourself and see the difference. Download Event Log Observer now and take the first step towards efficient and effective Windows Event Log analysis.








Some features our users love:



Look & Feel

We put a lot of effort into creating a modern Office inspired Multiple Document Interface with ribbons and tabs, to guarantee the best user experience. You want to use an application that looks nice if you spend a lot of time looking at log files.

Easy Navigation and Data Visualization

The results output in a default table view (data grid) similar to Excel, but with more advanced features at your fingertips. Sorting, grouping, searching, filtering, conditional formatting, formula fields, column chooser, and split view. Additionally, you can transform the data in a Excel, HTML, MHT or PDF report, and consolidate the data into a chart for clearer readability. You can use the command line to automate the process.

Data Filtering

From Instant Find to Auto-Filter row. A simple to use Excel inspired UI for creating advanced filter expressions to filter in-memory data.

Pivot table & tree map

When it comes to data mining and multi-dimensional analysis, an advanced and feature complete pivot table and tree map provides business users unrivaled insights into daily operations.

Use SQL to read log events

Querying large amounts of log data for specific information is easy with familiar SQLite syntax. You can even write a complex SQL query (with functions, group by, joins, unions, etc.)

Query editor

The query editor has syntax highlighting and code auto-completion, code snippets, query constants, in-line VB.NET code, and more!

Easy to use Dashboards

Building dashboards using the designer is a simple matter of selecting the appropriate UI element (Chart, Pivot Table, Data Card, Gauge, Map or Grid) and dropping data fields onto corresponding arguments, values, and series. It’s built so you can do everything inside Event Log Observer: from data-binding and dashboard design to filtering, drill down and server side query parameters. Available only in Professional edition.

Printing and Data Export

Event Log Observer implements powerful printing and data export engine (especially good for Excel files) that supports numerous file formats to export data (XLS, XLSX, PDF, RTF, TXT, MHT, CSV, HTML, Image formats, etc...)


Event Log Observer is designed to address your toughest requirements regardless of dataset size and information complexity. The user interface is built for speed - always fast and always responsive.

Not only for Windows Event Logs

Event Log Observer can read log events of various types including: EvtxECmd parser, text lines, CSV/TSV files, structured text data using regular expressions (GROK), log4j/log4net XML, JSON logs, etc.

Read compressed ZIP files

Event Log Observer can read log events of various types including: EvtxECmd parser, text lines, CSV/TSV files, structured text data using regular expressions (GROK), log4j/log4net XML, JSON logs, etc.

Plus tons of other useful features!

You will have to install Event Log Observer to explore these and many more other features. Download now.



Data Source configuration (Event Log Observer)





Purchase Premium Features:



Event Log Observer may be used for FREE by:

  • Individuals for personal non-profit purposes at home (most features are available, no support)
  • Any local, state, federal or international government agency or institution (all features are available, no support).
  • Educational institutions and students for non-commercial purposes related to learning, training, and research (all features, no support).

For commercial users there are two available editions of ELOB: free trial and Professional. The Professional edition caters for the extra needs of professional system administrators and developers - and quite a few power users as well. After the installation you can use ELOB for 20 days for FREE so you can test it to see if it suits your needs. After that just purchase a license code to unlock a wealth of extra features, including exporting data in Excel, HTML, MHT or PDF, multi-dimensional analysis with pivot table, Dashboards Designer and more!

  • No further downloads are required - just activate your trial installation. Be up and running in less than a minute.
  • All licenses are perpetual (non-expiring) with free minor updates.






Event Log Observer




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