Event Log Observer

Elevate Your Windows Event Log Analysis.
Transition from the obsolete Win 2000-era interfaces to our advanced, intuitive GUI. Enhanced with integrated SQL capabilities, it offers a premium log analysis experience.


Key Features of Event Log Observer


  • Windows Event Logs Analysis: Specializes in browsing Windows Event Logs on both local and remote servers.
  • User-Friendly: Serves users from beginners to advanced, with an intuitive interface for easy navigation and analysis.
  • Advanced SQLite Capabilities: Supports complex querying, data merging, and statistics extraction.
  • Supports Multiple Log Formats: Including W3C server logs, log4j, log4net, structured text (using regular expressions), XML, JSON, and CSV/TSV.
  • Advanced Grid Display: Offers a clear, organized data overview with an advanced grid.
  • Powerful Grid Tools: Equipped with Excel export, email integration, and advanced filtering for efficient data management.
  • Custom Dashboards and Charts: Allows the creation of personalized analysis dashboards and charts.
  • Intuitive and Versatile: Provides a more intuitive, versatile, and feature-rich log analysis experience.
  • Free of charge: Freely available for both commercial and non-commercial use.


Event Log Viewer


Experience the difference firsthand with Event Log Observer. Why just take our word for it when you can try it yourself? Download Event Log Observer today and embark on a journey towards more efficient and effective Windows Event Log analysis.






Some features our users love:


Look & Feel

Our modern, Office-inspired Multiple Document Interface with ribbons and tabs ensures the best user experience. It's designed for those who spend significant time analyzing log files, focusing on aesthetics and functionality.

Easy Navigation and Data Visualization

Experience a default table view (data grid) similar to Excel but with advanced features like sorting, grouping, searching, filtering, conditional formatting, formula fields, column chooser, and split view. Transform data into Excel, HTML, MHT, or PDF reports, and visualize it in charts for better clarity. Command line automation is also supported.

Data Filtering

Our Excel-inspired UI makes creating advanced filter expressions to refine in-memory data as simple as possible, from Instant Find to Auto-Filter row.

Pivot Table & Tree Map

Our advanced and feature-complete pivot table provide deep insights into daily operations, essential for data mining and multi-dimensional analysis.

Use SQL to Read Log Events

Query large log data sets easily using familiar SQLite syntax. You can even create complex SQL queries incorporating functions, group by, joins, unions, and more.

Query Editor

The query editor features syntax highlighting, auto-completion, code snippets, query constants, in-line VB.NET code, and more, enhancing your query building process.

Easy to Use Dashboards

Build dashboards effortlessly using our designer, which supports various UI elements (Chart, Pivot Table, Data Card, Gauge, Map, or Grid) and data-binding, design, filtering, drill down, and server side query parameters.

Printing and Data Export

Event Log Observer's powerful engine excels in printing and data export, especially for Excel files, supporting a wide array of formats (XLS, XLSX, PDF, RTF, TXT, MHT, CSV, HTML, Image formats, etc.).


Designed to handle large datasets and complex information, Event Log Observer ensures a fast, responsive user interface regardless of the data size.

Not Only for Windows Event Logs

Event Log Observer reads various log types, including EvtxECmd parser logs, text lines, CSV/TSV files, structured text data (Regular Expressions and GROK), log4j/log4net XML, JSON logs, and more.

Read Compressed ZIP Files

Efficiently read log events from compressed ZIP files, enhancing data accessibility and analysis.

Plus Tons of Other Useful Features!

Install Event Log Observer to explore these and many more features. Download now and discover the full potential of log analysis.



Data Source configuration (Event Log Observer)






Having trouble with the download? Use this direct link for an easy and secure download. Our installer (Windows MSI package) is verified and confirmed clean.



Event Log Observer



Summary: Event Log Observer specializes in browsing Windows Event Logs on local and remote servers, offering an exceptional balance of simplicity and sophistication in log analysis. It serves all users, from beginners needing basic functionality to advanced users seeking deeper insights. The tool boasts an intuitive interface for straightforward log navigation and analysis, alongside robust SQLite capabilities for complex querying, data merging, and statistics extraction. It also supports a variety of log formats, including: text-based, W3C server logs, log4j, XML, JSON, and CSV/TSV. Results can be conveniently displayed in an advanced grid, providing a clear overview at a glance.


Event Log Observer stands out with its advanced grid, providing an organized, detailed overview of data. This grid comes equipped with tools like Excel export, email integration, and advanced filtering for effective data management. Beyond this, you have the freedom to build custom dashboards and charts, personalizing your analysis to meet specific needs. Suitable for users at any level, Event Log Observer is freely available for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. It represents a more intuitive, versatile, and feature-rich approach to log analysis.



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