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  • No computer viruses. The installer you are downloading is tested thoroughly on and was found absolutely clean by all major antivirus providers.
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Installing SSMS Lizard is easy. Download the SSMS Lizard installer for Windows. When downloading SSMS Lizard, your browser may need confirmation from you to begin the download. For example, Chrome will show a prompt at the bottom of the screen.


Once it is downloaded, run the installer (SsmsLizardSetup.exe). This should bring up the main setup window.


Note: After downloading the installer you may get a message saying: "Windows protected your PC!". This is happening when SSMS Lizard has recently been updated. Windows does not yet recognize the download as widely trusted so it shows a warning message (will eventually be updated to trusted download when reach enough successful installations). This SSMS Lizard installer is safe and you can continue the installation. It is tested thoroughly by independent labs and on VirusTotal and was found absolutely clean. These steps will allow you to safely install SSMS Lizard.

  • 1: Download SSMS Lizard from the download page.
  • 2: Run the installer.
  • 3: You may get this message: "Windows Protected your PC."
  • 4: Select "More Info".

  • 5: Select "Run anyway".

  • 6: The installer will open. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.


Entire process should only take a minute. Choose the directory where you want to install SSMS Lizard and agree to the licensing terms and click 'Install' to begin the installation process. By default, SSMS Lizard is installed under "C:\Program Files (x86)\Lizard Labs Software\".


At this point, you may be prompted by the User Access Control informing you that you are making changes to your computer. You will need to agree to make these changes for the installation process to continue.


You should see a screen which notifies you of progress.


Finally, you will see a screen informing you that installation is complete. You are now ready to run SSMS Lizard for a first time. Note that starting SSMS Lizard from the installation Complete page will run SSMS Lizard under the same user account as the installer. This may be problematic if you have installed SSMS Lizard under a special account.


If you have any problems with installing SSMS Lizard, please have a look at our FAQ, or contact us for assistance.


Note: .NET Framework 4 or higher is required for SSMS Lizard. If you are using Windows 7, make sure you have at least .NET Framework 4.5.x or higher installed. Windows 10 and Windows Server should already have installed the latest .NET framework.


Note on updates: new updates may lead to reports of untrusted software reports from your antivirus software. At least until the update is fully trusted by the antivirus. This is expected behavior as the antivirus has no prior knowledge of the executable so it might take several days until the software is downloaded by many users and confirmed safe by your antivirus software.




Digital Signature


The installation packages and executables should be signed by "Lizard Labs Software Code Signing Cert" using a digital certificate with Thumb-print value "3CD4FF4794B5B0F0F7697AC75C4AD7109F4AE77F".

You can verify this by opening the file properties on the installer or executable (right-click on the file and click on Properties). The file properties should include a "Digital Signatures" tab. This signature is guaranteeing that the code you are installing is signed by the official SSMS Lizard publisher. If you do not see our signature or you see a certificate with different thumb-print on your installer or executable, DO NOT execute the software and let us know immediately. Pirated software will miss or have wring certificate. To make sure you are using the correct SSMS Lizard installer, you should only be downloaded it from the official site




Next steps


Once you have installed SSMS Lizard, reading the online help documentation will help you learn more about using SSMS Lizard (find the Help buttons on the toolabar). There are also a number of great resources on the Internet. Just search for them using your favorite search engine. Don't forget to check our Help Center for useful links or any additional information.








Purchase Premium Features:


If you can't use downloaded software for free, you will have to purchase a license or subscription for each user in the company.Each product may have different licensing options so please check the product page for additional information. There are two editions of SSMS Lizard: free trial (with limited functionality) and professional. The professional edition caters for the extra needs of professional system administrators, developers and power users as well. After the installation you can use SSMS Lizard for free so you can test it to see if it suites your needs. After the trial period expires you can just purchase a license code to unlock a wealth of extra features. No further downloads are required - just activate your trial installation. Be up and running in less than a minute.









SSMS Lizard supports auto-update when a new release is available. If you're prompted by SSMS Lizard, accept the newest update and it will be installed (you won't need to do anything else to get the latest bits). Note: You can disable auto-update if you prefer to update SSMS Lizard on your own schedule.




Frequently asked questions - FAQ


Q: Why should I upgrade?

There are advanced features in professional version that most people will find useful. Also free trial is available for a few days only so if you need SSMS Lizard for more you should upgrade.


Q: What is a single user license?

Standard license offered for SSMS Lizard is a Single User license. A single-user license for full version of SSMS Lizard is an identified-user license. The registered user is the only authorized user of that license. A single-user license allows SSMS Lizard to be installed in up to two locations as long as the authorized user is the only one with access to the software. The purchaser cannot sell, lease, sub-lease, transfer or distribute the software to any other person. More single user licenses can be ordered if necessary (if total number of SSMS Lizard installations used by a single user is more then 2 or SSMS Lizard is used by more persons)


Q: What is a company license?

A company license is a permission to allow the total number of installations, usually for a large company. A company means an organization, including public and private companies, corporations, institutions and non-profit organizations. If you order a company license, full version of SSMS Lizard can be installed on up to 60 computers or servers across the single company and can be used by any number of users. One license key is issued to register a company license on all computers. More company licenses can be ordered if necessary (if total number of SSMS Lizard installations is more then 60).


Q: What should I buy?

In the corporate environment, the IT Staff need to share information between computers. For the very best in cutting edge capability you simply cannot go wrong with a company license. This will yield the maximum discount we give, while providing you with the widest range of features and capabilities available to anyone within the company.

Q: What if I don't like it?

If you purchase SSMS Lizard and are dissatisfied for any reason, there is a Money Back Guarantee! Simply contact Lizard Labs Software within 15 days of your purchase and receive a no-hassle refund.

If you already installed SSMS Lizard, there is no need to download it again. You can purchase your registration code online for immediate delivery.
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