Tutorial for Ultimate Maps Downloader Mapping Software


Ultimate Maps Downloader is a very intuitive tool. For your mapping software needs, here are a few simple tips for using our Ultimate Maps Downloader successfully:

  • Use right mouse button to move a map
  • Use alt+left-mouse-button and drag to mark the desired area for download
  • Double click to show your Ultimate Maps Downloader menu with options
  • Use the top menu to work with the map itself: zoom in and out, select map server, search for location, add markers and routes, save projects, and save pictures
  • The status bar will always have some basic information about the map itself
  • You can have multiple maps open at the same time
  • “Download Selected Area” is the programs main functionality. It downloads map tiles from selected areas from selected servers and zoom levels. You choose in which folder the tiles should be saved and if you want to combine them in one large image. Click “start” and your download begins